Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May I order wine on-line?
A. Yes. Click the Secure Order Form button, at the top of our Home Page.
Q. All 50 states possible?
A. Yes, for champagne and wine.
Q. Wine and liquor too?
A. Yes, but liquor is not available in every state
Q. Can I order a specific wine label?
A. Yes, but you should first click the PRICES button for details.
Q. What wine labels do you have?
A. We have whatever our retailers have available in stock, and they are expected to carry the widely distributed wine labels. Click the PRICES button for details.
Q. Are Cristal and Dom Perignon, etc. available?
A. Usually.
Q. Gift-wrapping included?
A. Yes always. No extra charge.
Q. Greeting included?
A. Yes always. No extra charge.
Q. How is your fast service possible?
A. Because of our huge nationwide network of liquor stores. In most cases our retailers already have the wine in stock -- on their shelves.
Q. I don't know much about champagnes, wines & liquors, can you help me make my selection?
A. Yes, any member of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.
Q. May I request and then be sure that a particular wine label is available?
A. Certainly, but we'll then have to call our retailer(s) in your gift recipient's area to be certain it is available (there's no extra charge for this service).
Q. Which champagne, wine & liquor labels do you have available?
A. We automatically have whichever labels the local retailers already have on their shelves---and they usually carry the most widely distributed labels.
Q. Are your prices lower than those charged by retailers?
A. Not really. We usually pay the liquor stores their full retail prices--and then add for our services. By the way, all prices include any state sales taxes, gift-wrapping and delivery charges. On the other hand, most retailers usually only quote their retail price---and then add for taxes, gift-wrapping, delivery, etc.
Q. How are the wine gifts wrapped?
A. The same way retailers have done for many decades. (For example: ribbons, gift bags, or cellophane, etc.)
Q. How much are your Special Order champagnes, wines & liquors?
A. Because the prices of some higher priced champagnes, wines & liquors can vary so greatly from region to region, before quoting prices we sometimes find it necessary to first call the retailer for his prices (at no charge to you).
Q. Why don't you have a catalogue?
A. Firms which have catalogues often rely on having special inventories available in one or two central locations in each state or area from which they then ship (usually by 3 to 7 day common carrier). This means they can't offer our same (or next day) service, to virtually anywhere in the U.S., without charging a great deal extra for the service.
Q. What services do you provide?
A. We're our clients' Agents for gift orders which we then place for them, for actual sale and delivery, with a selected retailer from our nation-wide network of licensed retailers. We also pay the retailer on our clients' behalf.
Q. Do you ship across state lines?
A. Ordinarily we place each order with selected, licensed retailers within each state.
Q. What about "dry laws"?
A. We are extremely sensitive to each area's laws and have the benefit of working through licensed retailers. They are best qualified to follow all applicable delivery and shipping rules.
Q. Why does 1 (800) 4 Champagne, Etc., Inc. describe itself as an "agent"?
A. In addition to the service provided, it's also because our order fulfillment procedures never require us to handle, deliver, ship or take title to your gift merchandise.