Please be sure to provide one or more telephone numbers which, only if necessary, will make it possible for us to coordinate delivery times with your recipient---especially to residences. We sometimes need to determine when and if an adult will be available to accept delivery (co-workers, neighbors, doormen, apartment managers, hotel front desks, some security guards, etc. are usually acceptable). A telephone number allows us to assure on-time delivery.

On-time wine deliveries often depend on such factors as: Is the recipient available by telephone? Was the recipient there as arranged? Is the delivery address as described? If any problem develops we will contact the Sender. If a delivery has been arranged and unsuccessfully attempted the Sender will be charged for the original delivery attempt. If the order is then cancelled the Sender will be billed $35 (and perhaps more for an international order).

If it becomes necessary to deliver your wine gift to a different address, and if the cost of doing so is greater than was originally contemplated, we will always request the Senders permission before proceeding.

For health and safety reasons, no wine can be returned.

Cancelled orders which are already in the delivery process, if they can be stopped, will be charged a $35 cancellation fee.

After 60 days, all wine orders will be considered as having been delivered (about 20% of recipients simply do not call their Senders to thank them).


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